Villanova Great Don Bragg Book Signing

PHILADELPHIA Nearly a half century after fulfilling his Olympic dream with a gold medal, Philadelphia Sports Hall of Famer Don Bragg returns to the Villanova-area to share his story of youth empowerment with those who have been the primary recipients of his legacy. On October 25, 2008, Don Bragg will appear in person in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, at Palombaro Haverford Main Line. Kamp Olympik is the latest in a series of published works that have inspired a generation of athletes and future leaders. It is a captivating and heartwarming memoir of the power of one Olympic champion to change the hopes, aspirations, and mindsets of a generation of inner-city boys whom society had counted out.
Don Bragg won Olympic gold for the pole vault at the games in Rome, Italy, in 1960. With a strong belief that fun and the thrill of victory could be obtained by swinging through the air, a subconscious thought emerged into reality. Don brought property in the southern New Jersey Pinelands and founded Kamp Olympik in 1968. A featured highlight of the camp was Tarzanville, a place noted for swinging on ropes hung from trees that became the proving ground for children to learn to dare to do the improbable, impractical, and even impossible with grace and ease. Not only does this story share the determination of one man and his family to empower a generation for ten years, it shares the stories and adventures of young campers, the staff, parents, and other visitors. Campers, mainly from Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, were taught to aspire to aim higher, not only by Don Bragg, but famous men of distinction who were frequent Kamp Olympik guests. Among those most noteworthy were Jersey Joe Walcott, Mike Douglas, Larry James, and the Champion himself, Muhammad Ali.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet Don Bragg in person and hear his first hand account of how he shaped a generation of champions. His book signing will be at Palombaro Haverford Main Line Center at 2632 East County Line Road on October 25, 2008, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Don is available for personal interviews and additional signing events by contacting Theresa Bragg at 949-813-4084.

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